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Wedding Packages

Ardent Productions offers three distinctive wedding packages to suit your needs. Regardless of the package you choose, each comes with: 2 cameras at the ceremony, and at least 1 camera at the reception. At the reception, the videographer(s) will stay for: toasts (Best Man, Maid of Honor, etc.), father/daughter dance, son/mother dance, first dance of the bride and groom, cake cutting, bouquet & garter toss, and any other special request you may have.  Our Golden Reality package is our newest and most popular package as it allows you to be the star of your own reality show, all while getting the same quality as the other packages. Below is a comparison of our packages.

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Detailed Wedding Packages (PDF)

Click here for the Wedding Demo Reel

  Regal Silver Golden
Camera 1 Ceremony
Camera 2 Ceremony
Camera 1 Reception
Best Man/Maid of Honor Toasts
Cake Cutting
Father/Daughter Dance
Mother/Son Dance
First Dance (Bride & Groom)
Garter Toss / Bouquet Toss
Camera 2 Reception
Wireless Microphones
Camera Roaming (talk to camera)
Behind the Scenes (Groom Cam)
Behind the Scenes (Bride Cam)
Interview w/Groom & Parents, etc.
Interview w/Bride & Parents, etc.
Rehearsal Filming


Golden Reality Package
Ardent’s new package is one of our most popular. If you have ever wanted your own reality show with a professional touch, then this ‘out of the box’ option is for you. This package includes the professional and customized filmed ceremony as the other packages. However, this package has ‘behind the scenes’ features which puts a camera with the bride and groom before their big moment. This allows unprecedented access that will be recorded for years to come. This type of ‘reality show’ type filmmaking only covers the non-traditional moments, such as pre-interviews, post-interviews, and a camera following you around most of the day, all while giving you the privacy you need and deserve. If you want your video to include a professional touch with a behind the scenes feel, this package is definitely for you!

Click here to view the Promo for the Golden Reality Package



Silver Package
The Ardent Productions Silver Wedding Package is designed to be moderately priced, but includes additional shots that would otherwise not be included in the Regal Package. Much like the Regal package, this includes a two camera shoot of the ceremony. This package also includes two cameras at the reception in order to get the best possible coverage. Wireless microphones will also be placed during the ceremony so every word can be heard. This package also allows for a ‘roaming camera’ so individuals can tell the couple best wishes for a happy life together. This package has more coverage and additional benefits which allows for more creativity in your finished DVD because as you know, this day only happens once!
Regal Package
The Ardent Productions Regal Wedding Package is designed to be the most standardized wedding package that most individuals are familiar with. This includes a two camera shoot of the ceremony which is edited into the final DVD. In addition, the completed DVD includes the most memorable parts of the reception, which includes the toasts by the groom, couple’s first dance, cake cutting, and other memorable moments. This is Ardent Productions most cost-beneficial package that still preserves the most important day of your future life together!